Laurea Honoris Causa to Prof. Maurizio Brunori

Roma Tre University, Department of Sciences

Rectorate's Conference Hall - May 17th, 2017

Prof. Maurizio Brunori

The Department of Sciences of the University of Roma Tre is honored to award to Prof. Maurizio Brunori the Honoris Causa degree of Doctor in Biology for the molecular, cellular and physiopathological research.

Award Motivation

Maurizio Brunori has carried out worldwide recognized fundamental research in relation to the structure, function and evolution of proteins, with particular emphasis on metalloproteins involved in the transport and activation of molecular oxygen, in electron transfer and in energy transduction. Moreover Prof. Brunori is internationally recognized for his studies on the structural dynamics of proteins through the use of time-resolved spectroscopy, site-specific mutagenesis and Laue crystallography. Particularly relevant has been his contribution to the current knowledge of the mechanisms determining the structural organization of proteins, with a significant contribution on the clarification of the molecular bases of neurodegenerative diseases. Finally, particularly valuable has been his methodological contribution to the development of the rapid kinetics techniques, of the spectroscopy of macromolecules, of the biochemical modifications methods, and of the thermodynamics and the structural biology of proteins.

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