Welcome to the Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics Laboratory!


Our activity is focused on the study of the three-dimensional structure of proteins and how this determines their function and interactions with their molecular partners.

Our objective is to get a deep insight of the general principles governing protein structure and function keeping in mind potential biomedical and biotechnological applications.

Research Projects

  • Prediction of the three-dimensional structure and function of proteins from pathogenic bacteria (Read more...)
  • Development of software tools for protein function prediction (Read more...)
  • Structural bases of the catalytic mechanism and substrate specificity of polyamine oxidases (Read more...)
  • Molecular basis of the involvement of cytochrome c in the apoptotic processes (Read more...)
  • Structure-function relationships in photosystem II and its potential use for the development of biosensors for xenobiotics (Read more...)
  • Rational design and characterization of peptide-based mimics and redox catalysts (Read more...)